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Posted: Jan 14, 2012 @ 2:30pm

Introducing The Consumer Learner

Anyone who has entered a college classroom in the last five years has recognized a clear transformation in the context of higher education. A dynamic revolution in practice and delivery is underway, and the implications of multi-faceted change are ripe for analysis.

Administrators are increasingly charged with revenue production and institutional leadership. Faculty are experimenting with new andragogical models and advances in interactive technology. Students are embracing new modalities, as they strive to make curriculum immediately transferrable into industry. The Consumer Learner: Emergence and Expectations of a Customer Service Mentality in Post-Secondary Education examines the new reality and emerging patterns shaping the experiences of these three diverse, yet interconnected, constituencies.

This book provides a distinctive approach to the transformation of the higher education culture within the United States. Authors Dr. Gillian Silver and Dr. Cheryl Lentz, noted content experts, professors and curriculum/program developers, explain the contents will initiate an intensive dialogue about the implications and impacts on administrative structure, faculty practice, and learner outcomes.

Three population segments within the educational spectrum-each with their own compelling vantage point-are considered:

Drawing on the common mission of preparing adults for success, the content acknowledges there is a level of bias and incongruency present in all three frames. Essentially, no one element of the educational triad can independently address the opportunities without consideration of the other partners' perspectives," says Dr. Silver. Dr. Lentz continues, explaining "This is a frank, encompassing work which has the capacity to ignite a national dialogue. We think the review will give voice to the significance of this evolving environment. The voices of experience leading this change will emerge."

The Consumer Learner: Emergence and Expectations of a Customer Service Mentality in Post-Secondary Education will be issued by Pensiero Press, a division of the The Lentz Leadership Institute in Summer 2011. Preorders are available from our website at the pre publication price of $16.95 for the first release in hardcover. Retail: $24.95.

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